Green Business: NYC & NJ Sustainability Events

Mark your calendars.

Here are upcoming NYC & Northern NJ events centered on Business Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, and Social Enterprise.

Sept. 21
“Springing beyond Rio+20: Toward a True Global Compact for Sustainable Development”
Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise
Madison, NJ

Sept. 21

Sept. 24-30
Climate Week NYC

Oct 2-3
COMMIT!Forum 2012
CR Magazine

Oct. 3
2012 Innovation Summit: “Sustainability through Innovation”
FDU’s Institute of Enterpreneurship/The Institute for Sustainable Enterprise
Madison, NJ

Oct. 5
2012 Social Enterprise Conference
Columbia Business School

Oct. 15-19
After Rio+20: Moving Beyond 2015:Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties in a Post Rio+20 Future
Ramapo College Masters Program in Sustainability Studies
Mahwah, NJ

Nov. 9
Global Conference for Social Change: Making the Business Case for Sustainability
NYC Stern School of Business/Foundation for Social Change


Green Business: Turning Climate Change Into Cash

Entrepreneurs see opportunity where others see problems.

Here’s a fascinating multi-part review of a new book called Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs.

The book offers inspiration and science-backed steps for making the world a better place while making money.


Cold Cash, Cool Climate: Science-based Advice for Ecological Entrepreneurs

For those who profess to acknowledge climate science but are nevertheless bearish on renewables because they claim wind and solar can’t replace fossil fuels in time to avert catastrophic climate change, Koomey offers informed optimism – and lays out a path for transition within the short and medium term.


Green Blueprint: Link Exec Pay to Sustainability

Tie compensation to performance.

Recompense to reward.



Intel, Xcel Energy, Alcoa Among US Companies Linking Exec Pay to Sustainability
Intel, Xcel Energy, Alcoa, ING, National Grid, Shell, and Suncor Energy are among the US companies tying executive compensation to sustainability performance, according to a report from The Conference Board.

The report, “Linking Executive Compensation to Sustainability Performance,” says shareholders are placing more value on corporate sustainability initiatives, and are becoming increasingly interested in linking such performance to executives’ compensation.

Green Business: Proving the Business Case to Wall St.

Follow the money.

Connect the dots.

Companies that think about how to be better today and are gearing up to be  ready for tomorrow are…more profitable.

That’s just good business.

This article presents evidence that Wall St. analysts are coming on board to Sustainability as a profitable business mindset.


Is Wall Street Beginning to ‘Get’ Sustainability?

Fortunately, however, evidence is emerging, not only that firms with highly visible and authentic CSR/sustainability programs actually perform better in financial terms than others (see Green Winners), but that analysts and bankers are slowly recognizing that these firms are deriving clear competitive advantage and tangible financial benefit from pursuing sustainability-based strategies.

… A rigorous academic study conducted by faculty members at the Harvard and London Business Schools. The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Investment Recommendations suggests that analysts have gone from believing a few years ago that a focus on CSR and sustainability was a net negative influence on financial performance to believing now that the reverse is true, and are factoring it into their investment recommendations accordingly.


Green Business: “Sustainable Capitalism” and Profitability

Sure, Gore and Blood are pounding the pavement talking about “Sustainable Capitalism,” but where’s their skin in the game?

Answer: the investment firm they founded in 2004 that has been delivering outperformance results.

Via GreenBiz:

More Voices Add to Calls for Shift to ‘Sustainable Capitalism’

The investment philosophy driving the [Gore & Blood’s] fund’s outperformance includes a long-term strategy; the firm recognizes that environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors affect the long-term profitability of companies.

Green Politics: B Corp Status = Business Soul

What kind of company protects its directors to weigh in the environmental and social benefits of its business over profits?

In California, this new legal status is called a “Benefit Corporation.” I’ll call it: “giving corporate-persons a soul.”

What do you think? Gimmick or good idea?

Patagonia Pioneers Sustainability Legal Status.

And nope, didn’t start in Cali. Maryland.

New to me, glad to learn about it. New Jersey’s on the list!