Green Government: NYC Appoints New Green Boss

Sustainability is SOP.

At least in NYC.

The City’s government just appointed a new Sustainability Chief to oversee its ambitious plaNYC 2030 environmental agenda.


A New Sustainability Chief for New York

In a few weeks Sergej Mahnovski, the current director of energy policy for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, will take over the sustainability office, which puts changes into effect related to the mayor’s PlaNYC environmental agenda.

This plan goes well beyond nice green spaces. The plaNYC agenda looks to fundamentally recreate how the city operates and meet the challenges of climate change, growing populations, unsettled economics, and an aging infrastructure.

NYC’s reputation as the Greatest City in the World has long rested on its grittiness. Now it’s being reinvented as a great place to live, work and place for its greenness.