Green Government: Montclair Pledges Pesticide-Free Playing Fields

Little kids should play on pesticide-free fields and schoolyards.

Seems so self-evident that you really don’t need to say it or legislate, right?

Truth is, many municipalities don’t apply pesticides hardly ever. (Including West Orange, NJ.)

But for safety’s sake, maybe you should put that “No Pesticides Where Kids Play” rule on the books.

Just to keep things clear.

That’s the idea behind the Safe Playing Fields Act that didn’t make it to a vote in the last New Jersey legislative session.

The bill is back on the Senate floor in Trenton.

The more people who know about this bill, the better. Public opinion can lend support to legislators for passing what is in really a common-sense law.

In a show of support, theĀ  Montclair Environmental Commission voted recently to recommend that the Township Council support the Safe Playing Fields Act.


Pesticide-free fields for Montclair kids?

The municipal Environmental Commission wants the natural grass at Hillside Elementary School to remain safe for children.

Bill A2412/S1143 restricts the use of lawn-care pesticides at child care centers and certain schools, playgrounds, and recreational fields in New Jersey, except for an emergency response to an immediate threat to human health. The bill would also restrict child access to pesticide-treated areas for at least seven hours after its application.