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Unilever’s ‘Help A Child Reach 5’ campaign reports that child diarrhea rate are plummeting. http://t.co/5yuZbk2tpA

This is how you do it.

Gather facts.

Inform citizens.

Listen to citizens.

Hold vote.

Sign bill into law.

Via ecopreneurist.com:

Hawaii Becomes First State in U.S. to Ban Plastic Bags

Following the City Council’s 7-1 vote in favor, Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle signed SB2511, a bill banning plastic bags in retail stores yesterday across Honolulu County, which comprises the island of Oahu and Hawaii’s capitol city of Honolulu. What makes the bill’s passage extra significant is that Hawaii’s other counties had previously banned plastic bags, meaning that Hawaii has just officially enacted the first full statewide ban on plastic bags in the nation.

Perhaps it easier for Hawaii citizens to see the direct link between consumer choices and environmental impact than those of us who live in paved-over places.

Three levers:

1. Living on an island raises awareness of  how expensive it is to get things from there to here.

2. Tourism-reliant economy.

3. The daily presence of  jaw-dropping beauty can’t hurt either.

Who cares.

They chose environmental preservation over petrochemical consumption.

Cheers to Hawaii.

Who’s next?