Green Shift: Can Permaculture Return as Our Dominant Meme?

Take a good look at this infographic and the article below. Consider how it describes a sane, sustainable way of living.

Permaculture PrinciplesVia

Will Permaculture become the new dominant narrative?

The dominant narrative of our culture is that economic growth can continue indefinitely but the realities of resource depletion, peak oil and ecosystem collapse mean this is wishful thinking.

Narratives define our society. Pick any significant issue and it is the narrative, rather than the ‘facts,’ which define it. Narratives have been part of the human experience for millennia and no doubt will continue to do so for millennia to come. They drive how we view the world, the way we live and the decisions that we make.

Narratives do not necessarily reflect reality. Rather they offer a version of reality which suits the group or groups of people that believe in the narrative (or want you to believe).

My only quibble with this idea is that I believe in large measure that we need to return to a permaculture mindset that prevailed for the greater part of human experience.

It’s not a new thing.

It’s the old thing we temporarily forgot how to do.