Green Shift: Luring Bees to Green

I enjoy reading the EPA’s Greenversations blog because it offers a variety of voices and perspectives from EPA staff members.

This week’s blog struck a chord with me. Author Lina Lounes obviously means well, and sincerely so, but she’s luring bees with vinegar.

Green Choices Are the Right Choices

Environmental protection takes hard work. Doing the right thing for your environment and your health involves tough choices. Whether you want to save water, save energy, protect natural resources, reduce toxic chemicals, all these actions involve making a choice between a greener option or a less environmentally friendly option. Let me explain.

The greenest option is not always the easiest. For example, you want to save water? You can’t let the water faucet run without end. You can’t take a shower mindlessly. Want some suggestions for water conservation?  Turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth. Take showers instead of baths and the shorter the better.

Right. Wrong.

Hard. Tough.


These aren’t words that will lead people to greener choices.

What instead?

Demonstrate.  Facilitate. Implement.

I believe that people don’t care about special places and natural resources unless they experience them physically and viscerally. Pictures and words, even video, won’t do it.

Show your neighbors the splendor of a morning woodlands walk.

Teach a young friend to recognize bird calls.

Bring newcomers to nature.

Plant a garden and share the harvest.

Offer help and expertise.

Bring people along until they can do it themselves.

Connect *here* with *there* so that your friends understand the interconnected dependencies of our communities.

Being Green isn’t about sacrifice, in my mind.

Being Green is about expanding our appreciation and positive experiences with the natural world, in ways that preserve our natural treasures for future generations.

Because once you pave paradise, and put in a parking lot, who’s to know or mourn the loss?

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

So while we still have so much beauty to enjoy, let’s protect our shared world’s natural resources for all people today and future generations to come.