This week’s reading, writing and links

What I’m Reading: Andrew Winston’s The Big Pivot: lucid, practical, scalable solutions to sustainability & climate hurdles

Also Reading: Jeana Wirtenberg’s Building a Culture for Sustainability: People, Planet, and Profits in a New Green Economy

Comprehensive overfishing piece by Triple Pundit + my 2012 personal essay

Discuss: Are business schools a “silent but deadly barrier to the sustainability agenda”?

Provocative read: “Your Theory of Human Nature Predicts Your Policies¬†

Analysis of SEC’s role and climate change disclosure: this is about following the spirit *and* the letter of the law

New CSR book by BP insider Christine Bader examines “doing the right thing” complexities

Really good read w/solid examples: “Flipping Sustainability”

Amy Larkin’s “Environmental Debt” book: counting cause & effect as well as profit & loss.

Recommended reading for latest climate science as frame for systems thinking change, from Alnoor Ladha

Mar. 12 Forum for the Future event with Guardian Sustainable Business kicked off with Helen Clarkson: “A sustainable future is desirable, exciting and possible.”

Feels like a big deal. Vatican calls sisters, priests to live modestly for economic equality

“Economists take the public’s decency out of the equation.” Fairtrade & socent put it back in.

“Science is not there for you to cherry pick”

Nice sharpen-the-saw tips for all sustainability folk

LOVELY systems thinking essay

My NJ Senator Cory Booker stayed up all night for climate action. Thank you!

40% to go. 60% of Americans now believe climate change caused by human action

My latest: The ‘CVSEffect’: Apple, Disney & Chipotle Step Up