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YES–A banker counts social capital as equal to economic capital, vital & essential to business. http://t.co/505G3iIgia

My take on the communications dust-ups surrounding the new EPA rules–that aren’t even out yet. http://tinyurl.com/ojr92bm

Stash this for climate & sustainability comms: Krugman explains why carbon reduction is affordable (and prudent!). http://t.co/qqh1qgq1fj

GREAT prep on the EPA ‘s 6/2 rule to limit carbon & why it’s a positive BFD. http://t.co/24RGaJyEJ0

Tons of Newark Riverfront summer fun planned. Love seeing NJ citizens enjoying our shared waters. http://t.co/9lvANmTZ6a

Congrats to @GreenSportsBlog friend Lew Blaustein for 1 year & 100 posts about where green & sports connect! http://t.co/Ec11h1E1ar

Grateful to say I’m a new Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise. http://t.co/Vf3mVZ21Z7

Getting to a carbon tax: 3 options for improving how EPA addresses air pollutants. http://t.co/jl2XORmzDY

Do it, Mr. President: President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule. http://t.co/OyA05eZK8z

Attended a letter writing evening with my local CCL chapter. Felt good to write directly & honestly to my reps asking them to act on climate for a carbon tax.

China announces next steps for cutting .28b tonnes of HFCs by 2015. http://t.co/6RNPs45jVR

Just registered, looking forward to 6/25 sustainability event with the U.S. Green Building Council in Philly. http://t.co/FEuyGyVP8l

Searing. “I don’t give a shit that you feel sorry for me…Get to work and do something.” http://t.co/GdrC4xNqq0