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This Week’s Reading, Writing, Links

November 7th, 2014 | Posted by Claire Sommer in Green Business

JOIN: Complimentary sustainability webinar w/inspiring, solution-focused successes | Nov18 2-3 EST http://t.co/jAvRHEQ8Ql

SAP Severs Ties With #ALEC: http://t.co/iQ8aMFk0o1

Personally heartened to see @Greenbiz @SustAbility convo on #lowfood #slowfood http://t.co/ouYivMvosU

Andrew Winston: New Big Think interview http://t.co/rcnjO0T3D3

UN Sec Gen advises pension funds to #divest from #fossilfuel http://t.co/pRqqG5QLEM #climate #actonclimate #CSR #socinv

See you there @ASBCouncil: Only one week until #ASBCSummit2014 kicks off – RSVP: http://t.co/6H1UpkSREy

+1 Read @joconfino: “Making a profit is no more the purpose of business as breathing is the purpose of living” http://t.co/ZtNwX3ynsV

RT @350: These next few years are a crucial window. If you’re a U.S. voter: Don’t stay home today. Vote. #climatevoter http://t.co/OaPtWcRW

How do we get more financial institutions to offer #greenbonds? http://t.co/o3zdKYbH4W

HuffPo covers Business as Agent for World Benefit w/insight from @dlc6David http://t.co/uYSKIJ8oZT

Is this a big deal? Yes. “BofA Merrill Lynch launches #greenbonds Index” http://t.co/fPr325LO8d

MORE LIKE THIS PLS: “Set aside the quarterly financials and do something good in this world.” Rich Kylberg of @ArrowGlobal

That’s #leadership: “Talk about what you believe in, rather than what you do.” Rich Kylberg @arrowglobal

Mod @Sallyuren asked @Heineken’s Dickstein abt selling less beer as #CSR. Ans: “less, but over the long term, better” #SB14London

@MichDickstein offers his “What if?”:
all sustainable hops by 2020. Like it, thinking abt healthy soil & bees @Heineken_UK #SB14London Nov 04, 2014

THIS: Doing good–>doing well “The Greenest Companies Consistently Outperform Markets” http://t.co/DLHycvCRdI

Jo Confino Q-ing Barclay’s Wheldon on exec bonuses w/Polman quote: “The reason banks need to pay so much money is bc it has no purpose” #sb14london

Proud to be on the Business Alliance for the Future team. Follow @BA4F #BA4F for breakthrough #collaboration & #collectiveaction news

Follow @ASBCouncil for more like this: Post-election: What sustainably minded business people want from Congress http://t.co/KO1ay88QSj

@Billmckibben goes there. If you care about zombies & #Ebola, care more abt #climate @guardian: #IPCC: http://t.co/e7l2U0p2bf

@Guardian: IPCC: rapid carbon emission cuts vital to stop ‘severe’ impact of climate change http://t.co/dgzf05gD9U

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