June 2014 Reading, Writing and Links

Food & flowers: ‘People’s Garden’ Will Bring #Sustainability Showcase to DC’s National Mall http://t.co/hNV4YeoBgW

Read @ReachScale’s take on where corporate sustainability stretch goals are reaching w/collaboration & partnerships http://t.co/ZzhP0XTiK2

Especially in NJ! American Sustainable Business Council says 87% of #smallbiz say climate change could affect their business http://t.co/TiscW5720t

Check the last graf–there’s meat on that bone. #RiskyBusiness fostering importan climate convos http://t.co/tA9Jsv94ji

Thks to NJ Climate Alliance for new science-based policy recs for our citizens’ safety & prosperity #NJenviro http://t.co/XdK4L7nmVV

Insight from my colleague @JeanaWirtenberg: @Starbucks ‘s degree program signals a value shift to good http://t.co/xoKSZIWo9Z

(Ghostwrote) My latest blog on our sustainability leadership training Jul 30-Aug 1 in DC http://t.co/386VxhPeSG

Give it away. “We don’t want a competitive edge in sustainability,we will share” M Bolland CEO @marksandspencer #PlanA2020

My latest for Sustainable Brands: The #CVSEffect in Action: SAP, Starbucks, Tesla Show How to Lead by Sharing Information http://t.co/OQVwairz6V

Inspired: A pastor’s climate leadership call to care for family & flock http://t.co/7c5y5Z2HKU

And show CSR leadership. It’s Time Climate Change Believers in Business Came Out of the Closet http://t.co/qQ2yKZ5vtL

Here’s a garden-sized conversation that’s useful for scaling up big-picture #sustainability convos. Food 4 thought. http://t.co/BApLe8vBSE

Climate positivity: 6 Student-Led Tech Projects That Battle Climate Change http://t.co/agbdIQ5BB8

Strong smart op-ed info here: Top 10 Reasons Why Business Should Love a Carbon Price http://t.co/r3AQLISnyV

Help coming for all biz, all sectors for science-based absolute carbon targets from CDP, WorldResources and WWF http://t.co/LmJbdUfoYM

Good read: Why NJ isn’t winning on global #innovation. It can. Ideas include sustainability leadership http://t.co/o8k… Jun 20, 2014

Not “largely unnoticed shift” here. Gratitude for smart ppl working for climate action. http://t.co/MkNlNfBbbB

“But with microbeads apparently on their way out, ban supporters say the lesson is that public pressure can pay off” http://t.co/32uTyKADYu

What we say–and how–matters for CSR results, says @HBSWK. So let’s say what we mean and then do it. http://t.co/axUj6NNHbO

Put equity first: Why sustainability is not a stool or a pretzel, but a Möbius strip http://t.co/DQge76E6VP

“If you aren’t telling your #sustainability story, you’re not having that conversation with your customers.” Barry Dambach, @Alcatel_Lucent

Good riddance for better biz: Cut TLAs in NEO (new employee orientation). Common sense when you see it #thewritertalks @TheWriter

Fascinating research & event updates from #Rutgers #Climate Institute #actonclimate http://t.co/ZCcxQScJLl #NJenviro #NJ Jun 16, 2014

Check these great #smallbiz #susty tips! 1) Use cloud 2) Buy #green 3) Reduce #ewaste #waste http://t.co/PSoEQWSjdr

Thoughtful read on real-world carbon solutions: The costs of losing social license http://t.co/57WH6bovEz

EPA Too Fixated on the ‘Global’ in Global Warming, Says U.S. Chamber http://t.co/X7l0n2c97j

Interested in #WeMeanBusiness & #BICEP? This @GuardianSustBiz gives history & examples of biz lobbying for good #CSR http://t.co/G8pai8fpEs

GOOD advice for #susty #social #CSR convos from @TheWriter’s Anelia Vareles. Manage your convos, don’t control http://t.co/XGsnm5ST9t

1st rule of Climate Change Club is, don’t talk about #Climate Change (if you’re a conservative) @vox http://t.co/xTJ94w95js

For #SB14sd ‘ers who enjoyed @joconfino on mindfulness in biz, see his Mar2014 @GuardianSustBiz piece http://t.co/JNjtRwv0Tj

One to watch: New climate #WeMeanBusiness grp: “getting politically unstuck to #ActOnClimate http://t.co/rn3ss6Zyqs

Power of intention: “Developing ourselves and reconnecting is how we’re going to change the world.”

By me. Getting to Zero: Multiple Sectors Convene Around #Deforestation #SB14sd http://t.co/74TiHKhbaH

Left brain, by me: How Postmodernism Can Help Yr Company’s #Sustainability #Metrics. Really. @SustainBrands http://t.co/DrTtcFeF3C

Read, pls. “You should never have expectations for other people. Just be kind to them.” http://t.co/0YiR8W8N5t

Just in time for #SB14sd, my review of @JeanaWirtenberg ‘s “Building a Culture for Sustainability” http://t.co/sC1mpbBybE

3 better-than-microbead choices http://t.co/9A8OZcT2Hs With a nice h/t to my piece http://t.co/OWTCekhncI


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