3 Takeaways from “Building a Sustainable Brand

I got three terrific takeaways from the July 9 Do Sustainability webinar “Building a Sustainable Brand” with Edelman’s Henk Campher (@AngryAfrican) and Marks and Spencer’s Mike Barry (@planamikebarry).

1. “Is it relevant to ME?” is the KEY consumer question for creating sustainable products, which are the bedrock of a sustainable brand.

2. A cigarette is still a harmful product, no matter how sustainably it’s made. This is a great insight for remembering to consider how you make something–the process–as well as what you make–the product.

3. Henk showed a great slide for illustrate where your company is on the sustainability continuum.

One one end is Marlboro, which does not consider sustainability at all as part of its core value proposition.

And on the other end, Method, which has sustainability built in to the company’s DNA.









I loved how Henk used real examples of companies that everyone knows to make his point.

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