This week’s reading, writing and links

CVSEffect, consumer voice edition: “Avon cites customer concern as its reason for reformulating” w/o triclosan

Cool USDA graph “decline of smoking” How ’bout one for stamping out #climate denial?

Former SEC Commissioner calls Exxon ‘s bluff on “Nope. No stranded assets here” play.

Hey NJ–we can do this too! How Boston is-and should be -preparing for rising seas.

There goes our last excuse to not take climate action. China ordering 2,000 coal mines to be closed.

More CVS Effect of doing CSR right: Mozilla’s CEO steps down because of talent war pressure.

Another step for CVS Effect. Honeymaid’s LOVE video for #thisiswholesome backlash.

Wow NJ’s FEMA Disaster Plan was filed Mar. 5, 6 days *before* the public comment period opened.

Buzz buzz! The waggle dance of honeybees has been decoded.

Leveraging IPCC: Well-sourced “Dos” & “Don’ts” for climate communications.

Here’s how NJ can transition to 100% renewable energy: save $$$, create jobs and own our power.

Expose Climate Denialism: Faux “NIPCC” wants to be compared to IPCC. Um, no.

It’s a man. It’s a bird. No. Wait.

What does the CEO say? Cognitive science research on CSR/sustainability conflicting objectives.

My review of Andrew Winston ‘s The Big Pivot: A Realist’s Guide to a Climate-Challenged Present

Lesson of the day: “You’ve come here to offer me your gifts. Thank you for your offer, but I do not accept.”

Let’s bridge it. “There is an environmental literacy gap in the C-suite,”

Exxon won’t disclose business impacts of 2 deg scenario.

By me: NJ’s Disaster Plan: Long on Hazards, Maybe Short on Mitigation, Silent on Public Comment?

MotherJones Mar. 21 on NJ Hazard Mitigation Plan: “a contradictory mess.”

Change the way NJ business gets done: LeaderShip for Sustainability course starts 4/25.

Share/link/pin/tag: Carbon Brief ‘s simple 1-page IPCC climate communications summary.

Share w/your CFO: Solutions for profitably breaking climate gridlock.

Now the economists are saying it: Want sustainable growth? Get a long-term focus.

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