John Ehrenfeld’s “Flourishing” Mar. 5 Talk at FDU’s ISE

John Ehrenfeld’s "Flourishing" Mar. 5 Talk at FDU’s ISE

Tweets from John Ehrenfeld’s Mar. 5 talk at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise in Madison, NJ.

  1. “Important timely conversations about the possibility of the entire world #flourishing forever”– @jeanawirtenberg #sustainability
  2. “Un- #sustainability is an unintended consequence of following the beliefs underpinning our modern western culture” #flourishing
  3. Two changes needed: 1) a new vision of our goals to replace the broken dream #flourishing
  4. 2nd change: replace deeply held beliefs in our cultural consciousness that currently lead only back to growth #flourishing
  5. “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.”-Havel. JohnEhrenfeld quotes in #Flourishing
  6. Why #pragmatism helps w/#flourishing: “Dealing w/complex systems is a lot more like gardening than driving a car”
  7. “We have to find another way to satisfy our human be-ingness. It involves caring.” #flourishing @flourish2
  8. Russell: next job for #flourishing is implementation: making it actionable in biz, family & the world #sustainability
  9. And thank you to @ISE_FDU, host @jeanawirtenberg and all the attendees for an inspiring, engaging morning. #flourishing

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