This week’s reading, writing and links

Cheers to Anna at 5 Gyres for an inspiring conversation about clean healthy water for all.

Whoa. Important read. Contrarians bully journal into retracting a climate psychology paper

Agenda 21 Watch: Texas town votes to remove “sustainable” from Earth Day Proclamation

Acknowledging a problem is the first step to fixing it: Exxon Mobil will report on its  climate carbon bubble risks

INTRIGUING thoughts on metrics, complexity & systems thinking:

Here’s how a simple, effective Letter to the Editor works: debunk Agenda 21 fears & focusing on real policy issues

Great headline: “Climate Scientists declare, ‘We are the 97%'”

Med, small & tiny companies inspiration! 92 Businesses Honored as ‘Best for the World’

Well-researched Feb. 27 take on the CVS Effect:

Sneak peek from Business Alliance for the Future Inclusion Manifesto draft.

My Amazon review of Andrew Winston’s The Big Pivot: Little-better isn’t going to cut it. Nor will less-than-last-year.

Water waste in Las Vegas: painful example of “less bad” does not equal good.

+1 for “Sharper, Clearer and more Accessible” climate communications: Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate

The CVS Effect: States urge big retailers, supermarkets to stop selling tobacco

The CVS Effect: More than 2/3 of U.S. state’s attorneys general urge retailers to dump tobacco

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