Green Business: “Because It’s the Right Thing to Do”

If you don’t ask, the answer’s always no.

But when you do, sometimes, it’s a surprising yes.

That’s what I thought when I read the results from the First Annual Survey of New Jersey Business Sustainability survey. A group of state researchers  asked New Jersey business owners about their Sustainability practices.

The survey also asked, by keying in on motivations, whether business owners give a darn and more importantly, why.

The answer: yes. And more surprisingly, not for self-interested reasons.

The survey’s key finding is that NJ business owners are incorporating Sustainability practices into their business because it’s the right thing to do.

Via the wonderful, authored by Matt Polsky:

What the First Annual Survey of New Jersey Business Sustainability Tells Us

The two strongest reported sustainability motives were a belief that it is the right thing to do and potential cost savings, with over 85% reporting at least a moderate amount of, and over 61% a great extent of influence. Other strong sustainability motives for which over 75% of respondents reported at least a moderate extent of influence included satisfying customers’ interests, potential to improve image and reputation, fostering a healthy society, and satisfying regulatory demands.

Doing well by doing good isn’t something new

It’s our heritage as Americans. As New Jerseyans.

We pull our weight, and then some. Always have, always will.

Trenton Makes, The World Takes.

So when it comes to doing the right thing in business, I’m not surprised that the state’s business owners have the bigger picture in mind.

With better information about what business leaders are doing today, and why, we have a baseline from which to launch meaningful, relevant education, support and resource programs.

All we had to do was ask.

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