Green Shift: 7 Policy Switches for Global Security

“Less bad is not good enough.”

The world is running out of time.

We need to do better. Much better. And a whole lot faster.

And we need to do it together, because the problems we face as a global community are interconnected and inextricably interdependent.

It feels impossible. But it’s not.

Here’s an inspiring framework for how to do it.

Seven Policy Switches for Global Security
NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Split, Croatia 17th-19th June 2009. Published Sept 2010. Publisher’s link for institutional readers.  Link to full paper for public discussion.
Author: James Greyson

This paper offers a selection of seven simple ‘policy switches’ (or ‘leverage points’ in complex systems).

Each policy switch offers an expanded vision of people’s role on Earth and a whole-system change to implement it.

Together the switches define a practical strategy for global security, for a serious attempt at revival of co-operation, ecosystems and prosperity.

This framework is not new. Just to me.

And it’s possible.

Here’s proof. Several sharp people on Twitter noticed how Sugata Mitra’s February 2013 TED Talk & TED prize-winning idea for a School in the Cloud fits Policy Switch 2 very nicely:

Switch 2: Learning led by curiosity, not routines.

Watch it:

Feb 2013 Sugata Mitra TED Build a School in the Cloud

If we build it, they will learn.


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