Green Business: News from the Big Green Tent

I believe in the Big Green Tent.

Meaning, I think that the world’s largest corporations have a role to play in creating a more sustainable world.

That includes chemical companies.

Speaking practically,  giant chemical companies employ a lot of scientists. Smart, educated people. The ones we need to invent solutions to raging global problems.

Clorox is a Big Chem Company. Yes.

Clorox also published their first integrated report this year, putting their financial and environmental results on the same balance sheet.  Did not know that.

Clorox Recognized for Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

Another thing I did not know: Clorox owns the Burts Bees brand. A personal favorite of mine.

So, a little research gave me a better, more informed picture of what Clorox is about and what they are doing.

Moving on, agri-giant Monsanto has joined a global business council that is working to achieve ambitious sustainability goals by the year 2050.

Monsanto Company joins World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

I personally don’t like all of the products these companies produce. Or the way they market them to consumers.

For example, the Clorox Wipes twitter feed is a paean to joyful germ eradication. I’m all for killing flu viruses and food-borne pathogens. Trust me. But overcleanliness is not a virtue.

And Monsanto’s self-branding as a Sustainable Agriculture Company gives me pause. Considering this. And this. 

That said, with the problems we face as a planet, any and all solutions are welcome.

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