Green Business: Wal-Mart Joins Sustainable Agriculture Group

We all gotta eat.

As a common ground interest, growing healthy food for everyone brings a lot of people to the table.

So I was interested to read that the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart has joined the Field to Market alliance group.


Wal-Mart joins agriculture sustainability group

The world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc has joined an alliance of other Fortune 500 companies, including Cargill and Kellogg Co, seeking to make agriculture more sustainable.

To start, what’s this about?

The Field to Market alliance was started three years ago by the non-profit Keystone Center to improve agricultural productivity and reduce the use of natural resources. It includes farm groups, grain handlers and food makers but Wal-Mart is the first retailer in the group and now its largest member.

The alliance’s members list include chemical giant Monsanto, environmental groups like World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy, and Sustainability leader and candy maker Mars.

Quite a span of viewpoints and interests.

And The Keystone Group?


About us

Founded in 1975, The Keystone Center is an independent nonprofit organization that brings together public, private, and civic sector leaders. We provide mediation and facilitation services that incorporate innovative decision-making methods. The result: action-oriented, sustainable solutions to complex energy, environmental, and public health issues.

The Keystone Center maintains an unwavering position of independence, not advocating for any single position but rather providing all participants the opportunity to truly own decisions by working with shared-goal partners to find mutually agreeable solutions.

I’m interested in being listening to and learning from any conversation that’s tackling how to feed the world’s growing population healthy food, today and for future generations.

I’ll be following Field to Market and The Keystone Group with interest.



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