Green Politics: U.S. Navy Steams Ahead on Biofuels

Why on God’s green earth would you want to block the U.S. Navy’s progress towards clean, secure, renewable energy?

Not to mention saving American taxpayers’ money?


Navy Proceeds With Biofuels Plans, Despite Attempts to Block It In Congress

The U.S. Navy is moving ahead with its goals of slashing its energy consumption and powering its fleets with biofuels, even though Republicans are trying to block their efforts.

That caused an uproar in the House, bringing the Department of Defense’s newfound commitment to renewable energy to a head. The House and the Senate Armed Services Committee voted to block the Navy from buying biofuels if it costs more than petroleum in the 2013 Defense Department spending bill.

From my perspective, while I don’t agree with all the actions taken by the U.S. military, I believe that the very-smart-people in our military do know how to innovate and implement.

Like say, the Internet.

This story provides a little more back story on opposition to the plan:

Navy moves ahead on biofuels despite congressional ire

Near as I can tell, does Congressional opposition boil down to the idea that, by advancing biofuel technology, the U.S. Government is stealing R&D opportunity from the public sector?

Or diverts money from oil-aligned interests?

Either way, I’m proud of the U.S. military’s commitment to moving ahead with clean, renewable energy innovation.

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