Green Science: Climate Change Made Simple

Happy Summer Solstice. Hot enough for you?

With temps soaring into the 90s for the next few days on the U.S. eastern seaboard, let’s look at a new TEDx video* by Dave Roberts of

This sharable, linkable, discussable video & blog post lays out the facts simply and clearly.


Climate Change is Simple

We do something or we’re screwed.

Since money talks, I like Dave’s penultimate slide:

Every year of delay adds $500 billion to the investment required.

This figure is from the IEA as well, but again, the specifics aren’t as important as the structure of the problem. Delay raises the inevitable costs. Solutions are “expensive,” but not nearly as expensive as inaction.

There’s no time to waste.

*I highly recommend all the TEDx videos from this April 16, 2012 event.



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