Green Politics: Post-Rio Possibilities

Back to work.

While the UN’s conference on Sustainable Development failed to meet hoped-for progress on climate change, renewable energy, global economic disparities and human rights, the conference was not wholly without bright spots.

This Sustainable Business Forum post outlines some of  the positive outcomes, including progress on Sustainability reporting, high-visibility corporate commitments, and momentum towards sustainable business development goals.

And a few more from Environmental Leader: the Maldives will convert the whole country to a marine preserve and the UK announced mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

One thing’s for certain. There’s going to be a need for highly trained professionals to get these things done.


The Transition to a Sustainable Economy May Happen Without the U.S. Federal Government

Here at Columbia University’s Earth Institute we have over 100 people with doctorates studying every aspect of the climate problem. Wally Broecker, Mark Cane, Jim Hansen and scores of their colleagues have been working on these issues for decades. While the factual reality of their research seems to elude Mitt Romney and his politico pals these days, facts remain facts. It would be helpful if American national public policy and our elected officials could play a leadership role in moving the planet to a more sustainable path, but it has become clear that we will need to look elsewhere to address these issues.

The transition to a renewable, sustainable economy is underway; maybe not in Washington, but pretty much everywhere else.

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