Green Living: Simple Steps to a Green Lawn

You know what’s really beautiful?

A healthy lawn that’s safe for kids and pets and people to sit on and have a picnic.

A space for playing and lounging.

A lawn that can handle going to sleep a little in the summer’s heat and flourish again in fall’s cool temps.

Not a chemically doused, fertilizer-pumped wastefully-watered monoculture turf lawn.

I’m passionately vocal about this topic because I care about the health of my neighbors, near and far.

I care deeply about the health of our waterways.

The simple truth is that what my neighbors do on their own property doesn’t stay there.

Fertilizer run-off and pesticide drift are real problems.

Weaning a lawn off chemicals takes some time.

And it’s not hard.

The results are worth it.


Simple Steps Toward An Organic Lawn



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