Green Shift: Sustainability Simplified

It’s easy to lose the forest for the trees in the Sustainability conversation.

All too easy to get caught up in supply chains.

Be overly focused on dashboards and metrics.

Fixated on melting glaciers and broiling plains.

So, let’s get back to basics.

Sustainability is profitably and responsibly living and working today so that future generations can thrive.

In the story below, “Voice of America” essayist and reporter Ted Landphair suggests that Rio+20 attendees keep things simple.

It’s a nice 2-minute read about why Sustainability matters, minus the fluff and jargon.


Sustainable Sustainability

Instead of tossing around ecological jargon like it’s a secret code amongst you, how about doing a better job of telling the average Jane and Jose what words like “sustainability” really mean?


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