Green Business: Sustainable Business Group Meets with the White House & the Hill

The tide is turning towards Sustainable Business.

Next week, the world’s government, industry and citizen groups will convene in Rio de Janeiro to discuss Sustainable Development.

This week, the Sustainable Business community held a first-of-its-kind full-day Washington summit.

The Alliance of Sustainable Business Council,a group of business owners with a commitment to Sustainable Business practices, also met with White House and Congressional officials.

The group supports business-friendly legislation and policies that are also kind to the earth and protect future generations.


ASBC Issues Call to Action at Historic White House Meeting

The largest U.S. business organization focused on sustainability has sent a letter to the White House and Congress, calling for a growing economy compatible with shared prosperity and environmental stewardship. The message was also conveyed to Administration officials at a first-of-its-kind, day-long summit at the White House on Tuesday, June 12, 2012, and will be shared in meetings with Senators and their staff on Wednesday, June 13, 2012.

Since all politics is local, it’s important to get connected and active in our own business community.

Check out the Member names down the left column of theĀ  White House letter. It’s a long list of Sustainable Business groups nationwide.

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