Green Government: Follow-Up–Hamilton Zoning Bd. Strikes Down Solar Farm

The Zoning Board said no, but for good reasons.

Last night the Hamilton, NJ  zoning board voted 6-1 to reject a 20-megawatt solar-power farm proposal under their jurisdiction.

Back in March, I blogged about this proposed 20-megawatt solar-power “farm” on nearly 100 acres of privately held property currently zoned as farmland.

Read the post.

Months later, five zoning board meetings later, hours of testimony later, the project voted down.

In the end, the problem wasn’t what, but where.


Hamilton Solar Farm Shot Down

Burgis said an approval of the application would have constituted a violation of the township’s master plan, which specifically aims to keep energy-generating facilities in areas zoned industrial.

This project offers great lessons for other municipalities grappling with the same issues of  how to best support growth while preserving property-owners’ rights.

Kudos to the Zoning Board members who had the unenviable job of deciding what’s good for the community today and for its future, and using the township’s master plan and ordinances to reach their decision.

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