Green Business: Is Sustainability Dead?

Business magazine ZDNet reports that Sustainability is dead.

At least as far as being a corporate buzzword.

Couldn’t ask for better news.

Nothing lights a fire under most of us than the threat of losing our job.

So businesses are getting down to reducing carbon outputs, decreasing water use, cutting transportation costs, slimming supply chains, and reducing risks.


Sustainability is Dead. Long Live Sustainability

Corporations around the world are emerging from an extended period of economic duress by aggressively taking strides to gain even the slightest edge over their competition. Tough times have left companies leaner than ever, and they’re getting meaner every day by keeping a cold eye on their own operations: no excess energy consumption, no silly shipping routes, no bottom line bullshit. This is a business, and it should operate like one.

These don’t sound like sustainability stories, but that’s the point. The electricity grid improvement could reduce energy consumption. The fragrance manufacturing example could remove excess inventory from the distribution center. The airline example could avoid a costly accident.

The Sustainability mindset is about acting today in ways that preserve vital resources and prepare for future business success.

The faster this gets adopted at all levels of all organizations, the better.

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