Green Business: CFOs & Sustainability Go Together

Bank robber Willie Sutton supposedly quipped that he targeted banks because “that’s where all the money is.”

That came to mind when I heard that CFOs are stepping up to manage their company’s sustainability strategy.

Sounds like smart business to me.

I’m glad to see the the dots connect. The things that CFOs care about–profits, position, potential–are the same things that Sustainability can help manage.

The report cites CFO concerns that upcoming resource scarcities –namely water–are a short-term core business risk.

Short-term. As in 3-5 years short-term.

Via Ernst & Young/

Seventy-six percent of survey respondents anticipate natural resource shortages will impact business, CFOs emerging as key players in sustainability

Read the full report.

2 Replies to “Green Business: CFOs & Sustainability Go Together”

  1. The report must be kidding, right? CFO’s believing and working for sustainability? That’s incredible but it’s really good, inspiring and hopeful if they are telling the truth and doing it.

    I just now finished reading the NYT article about Four Season Farm. It’s wonderful. Thanks for letting me know. I am feeling like running away right now to some place, buying a farm and start working. Oh! how I would love though it is such a hard work.

    Did you read the line that the Farm made 125,000$ from just 1.5 acres. Was that a typo? How can you make so much money from such a tiny plot – only 1.5 acres!!!!!!!!!!????????????? Must be some mistake??

    1. Hi KL–
      I’m hopeful that CFOs *are* taking action because ultimately, their company’s success depends on it. As far as the article about Four Season Farm, that’s not a typo. Coleman & Damrosch are producing multiple harvests of highly desirable fresh baby greens and specialty varieties. They aren’t rich–not by a long-shot–but they have a successful business.

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