Green Business: Campbell’s Cans BPAs

Good news for the health of soup-consumers everywhere: Camden-based Campbell’s Soup has announced the company will phase out BPA chemicals from its cans.

Mmm mmm good for them in making a strategic business decision that reaches past short-term profits to consider long-term consumer relationships.

It’s a win-win-win for consumers, the environment, and I’m willing to bet, their profits.


Campbell’s to ditch BPA from soup cans

The announcement is big news because the soup behemoth has been seriously dragging its can on the BPA front. Companies like Muir Glen, Eden Foods, and Trader Joe’s eliminated BPA from their products ages ago, and Heinz, Hain Celestial, and ConAgra already committed to phase out the chemical, which has been linked to heart disease, early onset puberty, diabetes, obesity, hyperactivity, and cancers, just to name a few.

The Precautionary Principle asks manufacturers to prove no harm before a product is released to the marketplace. That clearly did not happen in this case.

While a lot of BPA-laced water is already well under the bridge–and in our bodies–this welcome change is better late than never.

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