Green Politics: Environmental Bills in NJ Senate

Politics is often compared to sausage-making, for good reason. It’s always complicated and often controversial.

But it’s important.  We elect officials to run our state and represent our interests.

Here’s what’s being discussed today in the Senate Environment and Energy Committee: water safety, school clean-ups, land ownership, storm water run-off, state forestry resources, and renewable energy.

Weigh in on what’s important to you.

I’ll add the transcript once available.

More via Enviropoliticsblog: Energy and Environmental Bills in Committee Today in NJ


3 Replies to “Green Politics: Environmental Bills in NJ Senate”

  1. Hey CSommer,

    Those links are not working. Or perhaps you are trying to tell the message that there are so many important environmental concerns but the government does not do anything.?

    1. KL, thank you so much for pointing out the bad link. I fixed it. As per Senator Smith’s office this morning, the transcript from Monday’s meeting should be available online in a few days. I’m really looking forward to reading it and will be sure to share anything I think you’d like to know about too.

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