Green Shift: NJ Bald Eagles Top 100 Nests

Here’s a tree-topper that beats them all. The NJ DEP confirms that there are over 100 nesting bald eagle pairs in the Garden State.

The survey by the DEP’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program counted 102 pairs of actively nesting eagles, plus 11 more pairs in the process of establishing nesting territories. The survey documented a record 22 new nests, of which 16 are in southern New Jersey, four in northern New Jersey and two in central New Jersey.

While the bald eagle was removed from the nation’s Endangered Species list in 2007, it remains an endangered and protected species in New Jersey.

“The recovery of the bald eagle from one nesting pair in an isolated swamp in southern New Jersey in the early 1980s to more than 100 pairs today is a truly remarkable success story that is a testament to the excellent work that has been done to manage the species, and to how far we’ve come as a state in restoring and protecting our environment,” DEP Commissioner Bob Martin said.

This is an end of the year gift that we can all enjoy.  If you feel like leaving a little something under the tree for our state’s bald eagles, consider making a donation on your 2012 NJ state taxes for Wildlife Conservation or purchasing a Conserve Wildlife license plate for your car

Dec. 19 press release

Project report with nesting site map

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

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