Green Links: SunShot & Solar Parity Study

I wish the green, renewable argument would play a bigger role in solar installation conversations, but frankly it’s all about the money.

It’s not enough for solar to be good, or clean. It has to be cheap.  Cheaper and better than other energy delivery systems.

We need to show that the upfront and downstream cost benefits and output from renewable technologies demonstrate a clear, compelling bottom-line win.

SunShot Initiative Home

It’s like the MoonShot, but for solar price parity and adoption.

The DOE SunShot Initiative is a collaborative national initiative to make solar energy cost competitive with other forms of energy by the end of the decade. Reducing the installed cost of solar energy systems by about 75% will drive widespread, large-scale adoption of this renewable energy technology and restore U.S. leadership in the global clean energy race.

A new study that claims that Solar Price Parity is Already Here

I need to dig into these numbers but the major price components seem to be here.


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