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Green Links: Solar as a Green-Generating Investment

December 21st, 2011 | Posted by Claire Sommer in Green Business | Green Links

Two links on calculating the risk–and rewards–of solar investment as a smart business choice:

Via Treehugger.com

I bet they are feeling lucky. Good-neighbor Google invests $94 million to create clean power for 13,000 Sacramento, CA homes.

Google Ends 2011 With a $94M Investment in Solar Power

Google has announced yet one more investment in clean energy (just following Warren Buffett’s two big solar power acquisitions). This time, they are investing $94 million into 4 different solar photovoltaic (PV) projects being built by Recurrent Energy near Sacramento, California. The combined PV projects have a capacity of 88 megawatts and will provide their electricity straight to the grid, unlike Google’s previous investments in rooftop solar PV. They should generate enough electricity to power about 13,000 US homes.

Via Greentechmedia.com

It’s not that solar is more expensive; it’s more that solar economics aren’t being measured to demonstrate solar’s long-term economic benefits. Read this post on how the pricing equation changes when you factor in peak load, certainty and price stability.

Guest Post: Why the Solar Industry Lacks Pricing Power

By educating consumers about solar’s role within electricity markets and emphasizing solar economics relative to conventional power — specifically natural gas — the solar industry can attain some pricing power and be a non-trivial part of the energy market.

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